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Shevchenko monument

Welcome to Kharkiv, the second largest city in Ukraine.

Kharkiv - economic and cultural center of eastern Ukraine. The town was formed as an industrial and scientific center, so the city all the time attracts more and more people. The most intresting places of our city you can see during our Kharkov city tour.

Kharkiv international airport

Acquaintance with Eastern Ukraine, are best to start with Kharkov. One and a half million city is located 450 km from Kiev. In Kharkov, there is an international airport that connects with the Kharkov Warsaw, Minsk, Istanbul, Tel Aviv, Kutaisi and other cities. Your kharkov city guide can meet you in airport and organize a transfer to the hotel what you already booked or recommend to you good hotel in city center.

Kharkiv airport

There is a convenient railway connection with Kiev, the Dnieper, Zaporozhye, Odessa. A trip to Kiev by express train takes about five hours and will cost about 12 euros. Your personal guide in Ukraine will help to book railway tickets.

Anonsiation cathidral in Kharkiv

Most of the attractions are concentrated in a small area in the city center. Usually it takes two days to get acquainted with the sights of the city. For booking excursions outside the city, please contact us in advance for  calculation of the tour in Kharkov region and  booking of transport.
Your personal city guide can meet you at the Kharkiv airport or railway station, help you choose a hotel in the center of Kharkov. Most of the townspeople is fluent in Russian, very few people speak English or German. Therefore, the English-speaking guide in Kharkov will be useful to you.

Kharkiv city center

Kharkov at night

The city's architecture was formed before the revolution, then was built historical city center and in the 20-30's. the last century, when Kharkiv was the capital of the Ukrainian Soviet Republic.

Kharkiv sumbol

That is why in the city you will find a combination of different architectural styles. The main attractions of Kharkov concentrated around two main areas. Constitution Square and Freedom Square.

Kharkov Universitet

Constitution Square - the historical center of the city, is a place where infancy Kharkiv, the city built a fortress and the first church. Architecture Freedom Square is connected with Kharkiv as the Ukrainian SSR capital, the architectural complex was built in the twenties of the last century.

Kharkiv child railway

Derzhprom, created in the style of constructivism - in 1927 is the first Soviet skyscraper been built. This is the architectural dominant of the square.

Derzprom buidling in Kharkiv

The dimensions the square even now is impressive, it is considered to be the largest square in Ukraine.

Shevchenko park

Around Freedom Square are located Kharkiv University corps, Kharkiv hotel and the city park.

Gorkiy park in Kharkiv

Guests of the city will be interesting to walk through the alleys of Gorky Park, visit Ecopark and buy something interesting in the central market.

Gorky park in Kharkiv

Central market in Kharkiv

Your English-speaking guide in Kharkov can arrange a trip to Kharkiv region, Svyatogorsk Lavra, Poltava or Slavyansk. To order personal excursions in Kharkov, contact your guide a little before.

Sviyatohirska lavra

For booking Kharkov city tour please contact to kharkov tour guide by phone, viber, Whats App: +380937685359

or by email: vetalgo@googlemail.com

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