Kiev one day tour

One day tour in Kiev city center with personal guide. 

Ukraine, this is an unusual country with thousands years authentic culture and traditions. Acquaintance with Ukraine's best to start with Kiev, the capital and largest city of the country.  The usual program for tourists who visit Kiev for the first time is a visit to the world-famous UNESCO World Heritage Sites. St. Sophia Cathedral, Kiev-Pechersk Lavra and many others. But in our tour I will try to acquaint you with the culture of this country, to show you something that you will not see in group excursions. Personal guide in Kiev is always open to your wishes, our tours around Kiev are quite flexible both in time and in places that we visit.

Some ideas that we can visit in Kiev

 administrativ area with parlament and goverment buildungs, national bank of Ukraine

 Maidan - the most famous place in Ukraine, the square where took place two Ukraine revolutions (2004 and 2014)

St. Sophia's cathidral - we walking on territory of the oldest cathidral in Kiev, optionaly we can enter inside,

St, Michail golden domes cathidral - tradition Ukraine style church,

Andrew's descent - the most popular touristic area in Kyiv.

Landscape alley with ruins of the oldest church in Kyiv what been destroed during mongols invasion at 1240.

The cost of a one-day tour to Kiev is 60 euros. The price includes: guide service and public transport. Additional charge for a taxi and entrance fees


Meeting at Borispil Kyiv airport + tour in city center

A personal Kiev guide will meet you at the airport and arrange a transfer to the hotel.

After the arrival of the hotel and a short rest we will walk around the central part of Kiev acording tour plan of "Kyiv one day tour".

The cost of a one-day city tour to Kiev is 80 euros. The price includes: guide service, transfer from airport and public transport. Additional charge for a taxi and entrance fees.


Two days tour to Kyiv

In first day this tour includes a one-day tour of the central part of Kiev when we will see the places around Maidan and St. Sophia cathidral.

In the morning of second day we can visit Kiev cave Lavra - the largest monasterry in Ukraine

Museum of Second WW,

walking on Dniper hills

and go down to the deepest metro station in the world - Arsenalna 105.5 m.

After the dinner lunch we can go to open air folk museum in Perohovo village

or Mejihorie residence of Yanukovich what situated 25 km from Kiev. Residence in Mejihorie is 140 gektares territory on Dniper hills. Here you can found the main house - Honka, golf fields, spotr complex, helicopter station, personal harbor, zoo, fruets gardens and many other interesting places.

The cost of a two-days city tour to Kiev is 110 euros. The price includes: guide service and public transport. Additional charge for a taxi and entrance fees


One-day city tour in Kharkiv
Kharkov is the second most populous city in Ukraine.

It is located in the eastern part of the country 450 km from Kiev. The city has an international airport and a large railway station. The journey from Kiev on a high-speed train is 4 hours and 40 minutes. To inspect the most interesting places of the city will be enough one day. All the most interesting is concentrated in the central part of our city. Kharkov is a large industrial and scientific city with a population of more than 1.5 million people. Here there are large enterprises of machine building, pharmacy, more than twenty universities. One of the main attractions of Kharkov is the Freedom Square - the largest in Ukarain. Around the square are built buildings of the era of the Soviet Union, the most famous of which is the building of the state industry. This monolithic iron-concrete building was the first skyscraper in the USSR. 

The historical center of the city is located just two kilometers from Freedom Square. Here you will visit the oldest temple in the city, look at Kharkov from the observation platform.
Personal guide will tell you about the history of the city, local traditions and features.

 In Kharkov you will find many places to spend your day with interest in Ukraine.

The cost of a one-day tour to Kharkov is 35 euros. The price includes: guide service and public transport. Additional charge for a taxi and entrance fees


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