Welcome to Ukraie.

My name is Vitaliy, I'm a private guide in Ukraine. I will be glad to see you in our country and help to see it, to get acquainted with the traditions and culture of Ukraine.

Ukraine - one of the new and very interesting tourist destinations. The centuries-old traditions and authentic culture, a lot of interesting places to visit and relatively low prices make Ukraine one of the most interesting tourist destinations in Eastern Europe.

English speaking guide in Ukraine will help plan your trip to Ukraine, will show you the most interesting places of the country. Our country is very diverse and very different from the east to the west. East of the country was under strong influence of Russia in Soviet times was developed as an industrial area with a lot of factories and plants. Western Ukraine long time was under influence of of Poland and Austria-Hungary. Here it is preserved the spirit of the continental European architecture. Central Ukraine - the spiritual center of the country. The Ukrainian national idea is a cherry orchard near the house.

Kiev - the capital and cultural heart of Ukraine. Kiev is a city with a population of three million, and more than a thousand years age. The city is located in the heart of Ukraine on the Dnieper River shores and connects the east and west of Ukraine. There intersect Soviet architecture with the Ukrainian identity. In the city are the main air gate of the country - Airport Borispol. From Kiev convenient to start the journey to Ukraine. English-speaking guide will meet you at the airport, arrange a transfer to the hotel and will make your journey more comfortable and informative. To see the most interesting places in Kiev, you will need three or four days. Your personal guide in Ukraine will organize a trip to other corners of the country and will be your interpreter and assistant.

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One day tour to Poltava from Kharkiv

Полтава, Белая альтанка

Poltava, is an ancient city located between Kharkiv and Kiev.
The city is located 150 kilometers from Kharkov. I suggest you a one-day tour to Poltava with departure from Kharkov. 

Ivan Mazepa monument in Poltava

The tour is designed for the whole day. Usually departure from Kharkov is planned at 8-9 o ... Read more »

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folk festival in Rahov


Ukraine is a big country. In different parts of the country there are festivals of national culture, where guests can get acquainted with the traditions of peoples living in different regions of the country. Now I would like to tell you about the authentic culture of western Ukraine.

In the mountainous area, local traditions are most fully preserved. For people living in the mountains, traditional holidays are a good opportunity to meet friends, show local flavor and have fun.

One of the most popular festivals of folk culture is held in the city of Rakhov, located in the heart of ... Read more »

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Kharkov is an interesting city for foreign guests, here you will find pretty monuments, quiet parks, interesting architecture. Here you can have fun 2-3 days, and then the question arises - what else to see not far from Kharkov.  One of the most interesting places that you can find relatively close to Kharkov is the Svyatogorsk Lavra. Svyatogorsky Monastery is one of the three largest in Ukraine. Within a few hundred years the monastery was a bastion of Orthodoxy in the wild field. It is located 150 kilometers from Kharkiv, here it is best to go by car.

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The best places in Ukraine what you need to see


Kiev WW2 museum

Kyiv, Perohovo open air museum

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villagy in Karpaty

Ukrainian village

Village - is the foundation of Ukraine, is a place where preserved old traditions and culture of Ukrainian people. In some of them have survived ancient churches, the age of 300 years or more.

Pystyn village

For many, Ukraine associated with a white Hata - hut with a thatched roof. These huts are now hard to find, and only in remote villages have been preserved in very small quantities. They are mostly preserved only in museums.

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Lviv is the most famous city in Western Ukraine.

Lviv opera

The city is located 500 kilometers from Kiev and 60 kilometers from the border with Poland. Lviv practically did not suffer during the Second World War, therefore the city differs in architecture from other cities of Ukraine.

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Carpaty mountines

Carpathians, mountains located in the west of Ukraine. It's easiest to get there from Lviv or by train from Kiev.

Carpaty mountines

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Shevchenko monument

Welcome to Kharkiv, the second largest city in Ukraine.

Kharkiv - economic and cultural center of eastern Ukraine. The town was formed as an industrial and scientific center, so the city all the time attracts more and more people. The most intresting places of our city you can see during our Kharkov city tour.

Kharkiv international airport

Acquaintance with Eastern Ukraine, ... Read more »

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Kyiv founders monument on Khreshatic

Kiev - the capital of Ukraine, a city with a population of three million and more than a thousand year history. In Kiev infancy Slavic civilization.

founders of Kyiv monument

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